Red Dot Award for the BADESOFA product design

Every day we receive letters, read comments and reviews from our customers and are incredibly happy about the popularity of our BADESOFA.

We are all the more euphoric to announce that we have now also received "official" praise: The Red Dot Award in the category "Product Design".

Every year, the Red Dot Design Award and its 50-strong panel of experts seek out the best international designs in the vast world of products and is a recognised seal of quality. The evaluation criteria include the degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality and the beautiful category of symbolic and emotional content.

From the very beginning of the development of BADESOFA, we were driven by the desire to rethink the theme of wellness and relaxation. The invention of the domestic bathtub dates back 3,000 years. Bathing is therefore one of the oldest cleansing rituals in the world. Over the years, the aspect of body care has shifted more and more towards relaxation and well-being.

In the meantime, the bathtub market offers a wide variety of shapes, colours and materials - but the way of bathing has not been questioned. With BADESOFA we have approached the subject with a fresh eye. Because it's not just the head and neck area that enjoy soft support, the large-format BADESOFA also supports the spine and ensures a much greater sense of well-being in the bath.

With BADESOFA, we wanted to create a functional product that enriches and has never been seen before. In addition, we always had the ambition to give our BADESOFA an aesthetic design, so that it is not only an object of utility, but also an eye-catcher that adds special accents to the room.

Over time, our BADESOFA has developed and matured more and more according to our ideas. Thus we have achieved a beautiful and important goal not only for the product but also for ourselves: we are satisfied. The Red Dot Award is a wonderful confirmation of our work and motivates us every day anew to give our best.

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