This is what we stand for


BADESOFA is different from conventional bath pillows. Simple, modern, innovative design combined with maximum comfort.

BADESOFA proves its size and supports the entire upper body. The head and the entire back can be comfortably laid down. This provides more support and better lying comfort in the bath.

BADESOFA is designed as a water-permeable underwater cushion. Specially developed diving weights counteract any buoyancy of the cushion during bathing. BADESOFA lies fully on the floor of the bathtub and thus prevents annoying sliding back and forth.

BADESOFA as a decorative cushion. Simply leave BADESOFA in your bathtub after your bath. Your bathtub will be made homely and you will experience a new feeling of well-being in your bathroom.

This is what we stand for

Ultimate lying comfort

BADESOFA is THE answer to a wide range of problems when taking a bath: Do you like to put your head down when taking a bath, but the edge of the tub is uncomfortable? Is the bathtub too big and your feet can't find any support? Is the shape of the bathtub beautiful, but not comfortable? Is the inclination of the backrest too steep? Or is the edge of the bath too narrow?

BADESOFA supports your back and also the neck and nape of the neck and provides pleasant relief. You can put your head down and dream away comfortably.

BADESOFA provides the ultimate lying comfort in really every bathtub.

This is what we stand for

Handmade - Quality you can feel

We attach great importance to regionality and sustainability. In our exclusive cushion manufacture, the BADESOFAS are handmade to the highest quality standards. Only the highest quality materials are used for production:

100% skin-friendly

100% suitable for underwater use

mould and mildew stain resistant

Who we are

BADESOFA was created for our own needs.

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