Reconcile and pamper

The Corona Pandemic is putting many couples to the test. You're forced to spend a lot more time under one roof, home offices blur the lines between work and home time, and you can't easily meet friends to vent properly about the little and big annoyances of these circumstances.

For parents, there are the added stresses of home schooling. Now communication, perseverance and attentiveness are required. But arguments can't always be avoided. The socks lying around, that one unrinsed pot and who will finally take away the empties? Actually harmless conflicts, which can build up in view of the situation nevertheless.

But soon the time will come: One day has the chance to make up for it all: February 14, Valentine's Day. A day for love, romance and the chocolate industry. Normally, on February 14, restaurants are reserved for all lovebirds and brave warriors duel in the shopping street for the last box of chocolates. Because stores and restaurants are still closed until mid-February, a successful Valentine's Day this year requires exactly two things: the ability to create a quiet space at home and reliable online delivery. Because aside from flowers and togetherness, one thing remains essential for Valentine's Day: the gift.

A gift with which you can say "sorry" and "thank you" at the same time and which creates lasting joy. With BADESOFA it becomes possible to give appreciation and relaxation and to become aware of security and attentiveness anew with every bath. Because in relationships, too, everyone needs their little quiet times.

So, perhaps you will surprise your sweetheart not only with rose petals in the bathtub, but also with a BADESOFA?

But singles are not excluded from this event either and can reinterpret and celebrate Valentine's Day for themselves. Why not use this day to do something good for yourself? Not mourn what you supposedly lack, but celebrate yourself for what you have. In these times, BADESOFA can be both reward and comfort and is the perfect gift to yourself.

Self Love, Self Care or Me-Time. Whatever name you call it. We all accomplish a lot right now and we deserve to take some time off. And we at BADESOFA want to make this time out as pleasant and relaxing as possible for you.

This time is hard and it is difficult - but it will pass. Until then, let us enjoy ourselves at home as much as possible. We wish you a happy Valentine's Day.


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