Happy new bath

New year, new luck, so they say. Many a person is full of hope this New Year's Eve as the Corona year of 2020 bids farewell. New Year's resolutions are hastily scribbled on a notepad or last year's list is simply recycled one-for-one, depending on whether or not you've implemented any of it over time.

When you set goals, they should be within a realistic range. You can set your sights on digging up the entire backyard, hammering that long-awaited tree house into the tree for the kids, or completely renovating the old bathroom.

Maybe you won't be able to do it. So it's better to stick to the good old classics: more exercise, a healthier diet, less alcohol or in general: Take more care of yourself and your body.

Of course, this time everything is a bit different. The gyms are closed, as are spas and massage temples and everything else. But that's where the bathtub comes in. It has a distinct advantage over the aforementioned facilities: it's in your bathroom at home, it doesn't cost an entrance fee, and it's open 24/7.

Another piece of good advice: in difficult times, look on the bright side. Right now is a difficult time, to say the least. In the face of curfews and contact restrictions, the key is to find the treasures in your home and with yourself. If you are in the home office and home schooling all day, you need to create places in your home where you can retreat. To dream, to relax, to switch off.

So back to the bathtub.

Taking care of yourself also means taking conscious time-outs. And where better to shield yourself and relax than in the foam of the pleasantly warm bath water - softly bedded on our bath sofa. For many people, the bathtub is the most beautiful place of retreat in the house or apartment, and not just because the bathroom is the only room that you can simply close off without a guilty conscience. If you lie in the bathtub, you can't step on any toys lying around or the dog. It's your own four walls within your own four walls. No matter what changes between the years, the bathtub is a reliable constant.

"New year, new me," it's often said. Such phrases want a lot and can often do too little, we think. Is it really a matter of shedding one's personality year after year like a worn-in dress, or might it not be better to accept one's flaws, or work on them little by little? Besides, becoming a completely new person every year is probably more exhausting than going without alcohol for a month.

Therefore our words to you for the new year: create an environment in which you feel comfortable, keep it simple but remain demanding, take time to recognize the beauty, enjoy the good moments in the here and now. We wish you a lot of relaxation and all the best for 2021.

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