When bright leaves throw themselves heroically at our feet and drizzle lies like velvet on windswept coiffures, when friends and foes throw themselves into piles of leaves and deformed chestnut men line the mantelpiece.... Then it's the time of year that, percentage-wise, probably the fewest people like. Golden autumn days can realistically be counted on one hand and colourful tree dresses are hard to enjoy when you're fleeing a downpour. Socks are wet, kids are dirty, and not even enough holidays are in store for us this mean season, as if it wants to annoy us by any means necessary.

What these dark days also herald, however, is a wonderful season that is hard to beat in richness of tradition and devotion: swimsuit season.

With vigor, the cold season drives us out of the rain and into the arms of our home bathtubs, and in blissful spirit, we finally flow into the Christmas season. Fir branches decorate the edge of the bathtub, Christmas music pampers our ears and beware, take good care that the freshly baked cookies do not fall into the bath water. Instead of crumbling cinnamon stars into the water, why not get yourself a Christmas bath additive? Together with BADESOFA, it even makes an ideal combination gift. If there's one thing that has the potential to keep the house in order this Christmas, it's this!

The Christmas season is always more stressful than its reputation, especially for mothers. Basically, everything is always more stressful for moms. And relaxation is not a given. To that end, it's often under a latently forced maxim. "Relax" is a frequently used imperative that usually has the opposite effect. We know that relaxation is healthy and important, but we have a hard time achieving it. We've provided a little guide to the best setting for bathing during the fall and winter seasons:

  1. The right setting: door locked? Check. Walls soundproofed? Check. Sent the smartphone to airplane mode? Check. Then you're ready to go!
  2. The right tools: take your BADESOFA, a good book, fill your glass with wine, light the candles and the world outside can wait (bring in potential advertisers).
  3. The right music. For relaxing sounds while bathing we have created a little playlist especially for you: Badesofa Vol.1

Now everything is ready to sink blissfully into the BADESOFA and start the Christmas season with new energy.

Your BADESOFA Team wishes you a lot of relaxation.

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