The special gift

All the elves are already strapped in, the sound check for the bells is complete, the reindeer are warming up, the sleigh engine is slowly starting up.

We are in the midst of the pre-Christmas season: at best, the Advent calendar is half eaten, at worst, it has been lying completely empty in the waste paper since the third of December. The Christmas decorations are still neatly in place and the cat still has a bit of time to make plans on how to bring down the Christmas tree this year with a deafening noise.

We are on a direct path to Christmas Eve. The nerds, of course, have already bought all the presents by the end of November, all the mere mortals are now starting to get nervous because between baking cookies with the kids and writing Christmas cards, they haven't managed to place an internet order, let alone enter a single store. The school holidays start earlier, there are limited numbers in shops and it all promises to be an even more stressful run-up to Christmas than it already is. Add to this the consideration of who to please the most with which gift, which is also easy to get and has lasting practical value.

To save yourself as much hassle as possible with this difficult challenge, we recommend following a fabled and time-tested process: The concept of the reliable gift. This combines ingenuity, functionality and aesthetics, can be applied to a large pool of people and acts as a long-term resource. In short, they're gifts that just keep on giving and can be counted on.

And you've probably already guessed: a BADESOFA is, of course, just such a gift: unusual, practical, stylish and it offers the remarkable possibility of giving away a little piece of relaxation in three different sizes.

The ordering process is simple and reliable, delivery is fast and if the ceiling really falls on your head, no one will notice if you secretly unpack the BADESOFA and briefly jump into the bath yourself. If it is already times there...

Besides, BADESOFA has a decisive advantage as a gift: You can get it in different colours. Whether it sometime someone notices that one gives away a BADESOFA every year and simply changes the color? Possibly. But it still brings joy! And that is the most important thing.

We wish you a relaxing pre-Christmas period!


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