BADESOFA at The Lion's Den (German version of The Shark Tank) - a review

An adventurous journey lies behind us. We have gained new members in the team, were broadcasted on "Die Höhle der Löwen" (The Lion's Den), were literally flooded with letters and orders and had, to put it mildly, a lot of work to do. Slowly but surely, we're getting to a state where we can reflect and review the last few weeks.

Applying to the start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" was a spontaneous decision. We knew about the size of the platform and the respect for it was accordingly high. But the confidence in BADESOFA gave us the self-confidence to take this path.

Once we successfully went through the casting process, the preparation phase began. For weeks and months we played through all the scenarios in our heads and constantly asked ourselves the question: Are we well prepared? Have we really thought of everything? The TV appearance was like a sudden starting signal for professionalism. We had to grow up very quickly.

In addition, the team was expanded by three people within a very short time during the hot phase. Our dear new employees were thrown in at the deep end by us. Fortunately, they all turned out to be really good swimmers.

Finally, our little company stood there, on 10.05.2021. Cleaned, groomed and ready to go out. Just before it went live, we gathered in a Zoom meeting with our families, team, close friends, and our loyal business partners. Raise glasses, say thank you, eat popcorn. And then we were off. "Mommy, there you are!!!" the kids yelled as we flickered across the screen.

Strange, a little disconcerting it was, to see ourselves there on TV. But it was still very clear in our minds: standing in the "arena", defending our product and standing up to the questions of the jurors only strengthened us in our conviction of BADESOFA. We were all the happier to see how well our appearance was received. The fact that so many orders were received simultaneously with the broadcast proved to us that we had hit a nerve with BADESOFA and were able to offer a solution for the needs of many people when bathing.

We expected that the television appearance would attract attention. But we didn't expect the overwhelmingly positive feedback. But as much as we were encouraged by the high demand, the consequences were challenging at first.

For the next two weeks, the phone hardly stood still. The lines ran hot, the email inbox was bursting at the seams. Managing all the inquiries and orders with a team that, despite the growth, was still very small, was extremely taxing. The fact that even DHL was temporarily overwhelmed with the mass of parcels and had to send additional trucks to support us is a good illustration of the flood that reached us.

But as I said - we are good swimmers. Sharing, gratitude, good team spirit and many invigorating lunches together at the Vietnamese around the corner got us safely through this crazy time.

In the meantime, the sea has calmed down and we have settled into our new work routine. We are continually learning and are already setting our sights on new milestones. What we take away from this experience is a strengthened back, a big, warm community and a broad treasure of new tasks and plans.

We want to grow, improve, sometimes stumble a bit and then find the balance again. Our heads are full of ideas and we are looking forward to the future together with you.


Natalie Steger and Annika Götz

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