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Bring our revolutionary water-resistant cushions from your bathtub to your backyard.

It's time to make your outdoor space as comfortable as your indoor space. Relax in the lap of luxury with our BADESOFA Summer Bundles.

Bundle & Save

Design your dream oasis

The BADESOFA cushion covers are made from highly durable premium outdoor fabric.

Mix and match our versatile cushions to create your own unique oasis.


CleanDry+ Technology prevents waterlogging and provides 100% water-safe durability.

Easy To Clean

Compatible with most conventional bath additives (foams, bath bombs, and oils).

UV Resistant

Safe for use outdoors in the summer without fading or degrading colors.

Quick Dry

An innovative 3D mesh, allows air to circulate in the fabric allowing water to drain freely and prevents waterlogging.


Use in your bathtub, then bring them outdoors to use by the pool!

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AMAZING! This bath pillow has been a game changer. So incredibly comfortable and relaxing. I love to soak and read my kindle and it's the most relaxing part of my day. I sleep better and deeper already. Thank you... I have literally been searching for this for decades. Not exaggerating I have purchase at least 20 different bath pillows... finally my search has ended. Such a great feeling.
I got this as a gift! I cannot tell you how amazing it is! I layed back in my tub it is complete luxury! No more bent neck and i can touch the end of my tub! No more slipping under the water!
I got one of these for as a gift and it's been a game changer for my apartment bathtub! I can't believe how much more comfortable and relaxing bath time is now! If you're looking for luxury, this is it!

Summer Bundles

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Outdoor Seat Set

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