Badesofa mother of pearl


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Mother of pearl - our pink powder shade for the feminine touch in your bathroom.

Product information

The high-quality materials of the BADESOFA can be used in water without hesitation. A special coating on the outer fabric and cushion filling makes the BADESOFA resistant to mould and mildew stains.

  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% skin friendly

An adapted weight prevents the BADESOFA from floating in the water.

In our exclusive cushion manufacture we produce your BADESOFA according to the highest quality standards.

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Care instructions

The pillow can simply remain in the tub after bathing. By turning the BADESOFA over in the meantime, the water simply runs off - without leaving any mould or mildew stains.

After repeated use, we recommend washing the inner cushion of the BADESOFA in the washing machine (up to 60 degrees). If necessary, the cushion cover can also be cleaned in the gentle or hand washing programme. Small superficial soiling can usually be removed with a small sponge and a gentle household cleaner.

This way your BADESOFA remains as radiantly beautiful and clean as on the first day.

Bath additives

Conventional bath additives such as foam and oil baths pose no problem for our materials. You can bathe as usual and remove foam residues and residues if necessary, as described above.

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