Bathroom sofa was founded jointly by Annika Götz and Natalie Steger.
As working mothers, we manage the balancing act between work, leisure time and family every day. We love the turbulence of everyday life, but also consciously take time for relaxation and personal moments of pleasure.
Before we developed BADESOFA, we both worked in different areas of product development: textile industry and qualitative market research.

BADESOFA was created out of a personal need - your own bathtub was too big, your feet did not reach the end of the tub, so bathing did not really bring relaxation. Conversations with friends and acquaintances have shown that this problem is not an isolated case. Bathing in your own bathtub at home is often associated with compromises and restrictions that stand in the way of well-being and relaxation when bathing.

The market offers a wide range of bathtub cushions. But none of these products satisfied our demands for comfort, design and functionality. That is why we developed BADESOFA in a complex process and after consultation with various experts.
An innovative design bathtub cushion which is an absolute novelty in its combination of form and functionality.
With our special technical design of the inner cushion and the modern colour selection of our BADESOFAs we want to create the best possible atmosphere for your relaxing bath.

We manufacture our BATHING SOFA in our exclusive manufactory in Cologne, to the best of our knowledge and belief.
Look forward to an innovative bathing experience and order BADESOFA for your bathtub at home.