How big is big enough?

This is how you measure your tub correctly:

size of the bathtub = inner shape (outer shape - edge) = optimal size of your bathing sofa

The manufacturer's specifications are usually the outer dimensions of the bathtub. Therefore, before ordering the bath sofa, please measure the width (inside dimension) of your bathtub.

S = 50 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm

We recommend the BADESOFA S for small bathtubs or bathtubs with round ends that taper off.

M = 60 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm

The BADESOFA M is our all-rounder for medium-sized bathtubs that are rather angular at the ends.

L = 80 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm

The BADESOFA L is particularly suitable for large and bulbous, round or triangular bathtubs.

XS = 20 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm

The BADESOFA XS is our cushion for super comfortable foot support. It can be combined with any S, M or L pillow.

It is also ideal for reducing the size of the bathtub or as additional support for the back or bottom in the whirlpool or steam bath.

Behind the scenes

Production and material of our BADESOFAS


Our small StartUp has its home in the heart of Cologne. This is where the creative process for our BADESOFAs takes place. In addition, this is our control center for sales and marketing and all other office issues.

Each BADESOFA is handmade by our diligent seamstresses in an elaborate process.

If, despite the greatest care, you should ever have cause for complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our customer service at or by phone at +49 (0)221/17074574 (9:00 to 17:00).

We always have an open ear for you and are happy to help you.

Material composition

The cushion cover is made of a very high quality and durable outdoor fabric. Material composition: 72% Polyvinylchloride, 20% Polyester, 8% Synthetic Fibre

Our BADESOFA inner cushion consists of a high quality 3-D spacer fabric, filled with polyester fibre filling.
Material composition: 100% polyester

The BADESOFAs are very easy to clean and can simply be left in the tub after use. An antibacterial and mould resistant effect can be achieved by using a biocide in the water.

Upper fabric: contains dichloroctylisothiazolinone
Inner cushion: contains dimethyloctadecyl{3 (trimethoxysily)propyl}ammonium chloride

The active ingredients used are 100% skin-friendly, bear the Greenguard Gold test seal or are Ökotex certified.

Badesofa bath pillows