What is a BADESOFA bath pillow?

Dear reader,

Thank you for finding us and for your interest in our product. With BADESOFA, we have created a bath pillow that has not been available for sale before. Therefore we would like to introduce our BADESOFA to you briefly and explain it in more detail:

BADESOFA is a bath cushion that makes lying in the bathtub more relaxed and comfortable. Is your bathtub too big and you can't find the right support? Is the hard back of the bathtub just too uncomfortable for you? Would you like to read a book or watch a series while bathing and lean back comfortably to do so?

BADESOFA was developed precisely for these purposes. Bathing should provide relaxation and a pleasant break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. In the past, this was not always possible, because bathtubs are not comfortable per se and the bath cushions available on the market are neither practical and comfortable nor visually appealing.

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As important as it was for us to pursue a functional claim with our bath cushion, the design aspect should not be neglected, which is why we have designed BADESOFA elegantly and unobtrusively and in modern, beautiful colours.

We offer our bath cushions in the sizes S, M and L - you can find an orientation for the selection on our website under "Size guide". In addition, we have designed an XS foot cushion, with which you can vary the length of your bath even better or simply rest your feet comfortably.

The inner cushion of our BADESOFAS is made of a special 3D spacer fabric that is both water-permeable and particularly air-permeable after use (out of the water) - this speeds up the drying process. After the bath, you can simply leave the bath cushion in the tub - a beautiful and homely eye-catcher in your bathroom. The material is designed to be antibacterial and mould-resistant and prevents unpleasant odours. In addition, our bath cushions are machine washable and therefore particularly durable.

BADESOFA not only brings joy into your own home but also makes a wonderful gift. You can buy a voucher for our bath cushions in our online shop. If you have any further questions, please take a look at our FAQs or send us an email to hello@badesofa.de.

We hope you enjoy browsing and wish you lots of relaxation!

Your team from BADESOFA

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